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The wife insisted on divorce because her husband was too loved

Cập nhật: 24 thg 8, 2019 lúc tháng 8 24, 2019

Loving and spoiled by her husband is probably the desire of most women in the world, except for a lady in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The UAE media reported a strange case when a woman from the country applied for a divorce to go to Shariah court in Fujairah after only one year of marriage on the grounds that she felt so fed up with affection and affection. Too much of you.
The wife insisted on divorce because her husband was too loved
"He never scolds or denies me. I feel suffocated because of love and perversion. He even helps me clean the house. I look forward to a day of controversy. But it is impossible for a romantic husband, always forgive and give me a lot of gifts. I need a real debate, not even a quarrel, but not this unassuming submission. " the wife presents in court.
Appearing in the first instance trial at the court, the husband told the judge that he felt he was doing nothing wrong. His only goal is to be "a good and perfect husband". Unfortunately, his efforts seemed counterproductive and became the cause of his wife's insistence on parting.
The husband confessed, he had to work very hard to please his wife. For example, when she complained about her husband's weight, he went on a diet and actively practiced sports and sports. He even broke his leg due to those efforts. However, the mistress still asked the court to advise, helping his wife to think again.
The Khaleej Times quoted the poor husband as saying: "It is not fair to judge a marriage after the first year. Everyone can learn from their mistakes."
True to the wishes of the husband, the court postponed divorce to allow the couple the opportunity to mediate and heal.
Tuan Anh