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The strange face of the female star plays the role of Bao's mother in 'Go home, baby

Cập nhật: 24 thg 8, 2019 lúc tháng 8 24, 2019

Only 2 more episodes remain,  going home  will be officially closed. In the third episode, it was still a difficult situation to hold around the love story of each character, besides, the mysterious woman in episode 2 revealed herself as Bao's mother returning from abroad. . 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The strange face of a female star plays the role of Bao's mother in & # 39; - first

Since revealing this character, the audience immediately guessed that it was Bao's mother who would return in the final episodes.
This beautiful, young woman appeared in the previous trailer with the scene in the room of the National (Tuan Tu) to rest after returning home. The unexpected situation made Quoc and Hue (Thu Quynh) unable to keep up. Right now, as expected of the audience, this character immediately became the center of the whole episode.

Maya appeared with the image of a modern, beautiful, sexy woman that made
 audiences constantly compare with Hue (Thu Quynh).
However, in addition to the compliments of Bao's mother's youthful beauty, many comments also suggested that the actress took on the role - the singer and actress Maya had a different face than before because Cutlery interference. Before that, the beauty did not hesitate to publicize the plastic surgery process with an investment of more than VND 800 million.  
Under the clip excerpts with the appearance of Maya , the audience left comment: "Looks a bit like Maya but why is it so different now", "Maya was pretty many times earlier, aesthetic hours are too much like the old days" , "Maya's aesthetic is even prettier", "A beautiful aesthetic, whose aesthetic is too natural to look, lose beauty and lose its own character. Look at you like a sister, there is a type of plastic surgery beautiful "... 

Many audiences do not recognize Maya after the beauty refurbishment.
Besides, many comments also commented that Maya has many characteristics like singer Van Mai Huong. Even the idea of ​​humor is that Van Mai Huong "turns" to act in a drama.
But not a few comments only focus on the acting and vocal characteristics of this 1988-born actress. "The show is ok too. The" rocky "style" laughs "," Impressive from the movie "Scandal", "This girl plays extremely charming movies", "This girl is beautiful, her voice is good .. she said well, noble "...

Maya was commented on her natural acting, good voice in "Going home" and previous films she had participated in.
Following the situation of Bao's family in episode 4 going on air tonight, the audience was excited to predict the ending of Uncle Quoc and Hue. Will Bao's modern mother continue to tease her father's son to make him difficult in this new relationship? 

Not only on film, real life Maya also pursued sexy sexy image like this.
Up to this point, although not many "beads" discovered by the audience in each episode, going home is  still considered a successful film when there are "terrible" views, the level of interaction of the audience. Supposing that a drama series is also at a record level, the cast is noticeable though from the main role to the guest ...