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Romano Gentleman Night event - a place where elegant standards are explored

Cập nhật: 16 thg 8, 2019 lúc tháng 8 16, 2019
Romano Gentleman Night event - a place where elegant standards are explored

At the space of a bar located in the middle of Drinking and Healing, the men who have the opportunity to meet at the Gentleman Night party are organized by Romano on July 28, where the stories inspire. about the elegant and modern standards of the exploited gentlemen.

VJ Dustin Nguyen, the talkshow host who is eating BarStories is the host for the night party with a humorous, subtle way of guiding and connecting people's emotions like his BarStories. The guest cast is no less special: actor Lien Binh Phat, chef Si Toan - the male gods are being admired by the public for their true talent, not only in their attractive and masculine appearance. Besides the two models of Tu Hao personality, Fung La also participated in the Romano Gentleman Night event.
Cocktail - light party - music: a perfect start to the inspiring stories and inspirational stories of men. People are connected through interactive games to decode and share their "elegant standard" views.
Romano Gentleman Night event - a place where elegant standards are explored - 1
Correct behavior - Sophistication in style - Living passion is the three aspects of building a modern gentleman
Young men have drawn for themselves "keywords" to become a gentleman. Removing all the old notions of gentlemen, not lying in a sleek suit, grooming appearance, the boys realized the beauty of the man from  the proper behavior, sophistication in style and Live with passion . Three values ​​build personality and soul for a true gentleman.
What is the manners of the man who calls his name? Being polite, acting politely with others, being serious when being cautious at work and keeping a promise, or being a protector, protects when helping women and others around . Lien Binh Phat shared that “ There are many standards for gentleman, but for me it is simply a mature man, keeping his promise, always punctual, understanding, caring and acting properly with others and myself ”.
Romano Gentleman Night event - a place where elegant standards are explored - 2
Unlike his friend, Si Toan's view of one of the gentlemanly standards is sophistication not only in work but also in dress style. In work or life, sophistication will elevate a gentleman when they adjust to the way they dress and complete the work in the most complete way. 
In another interactive game, the results reveal more Passion is also another gentleman's standard. Because true men cannot live without passion, it is the soul, the fire that creates strength and will. The more burning with passion, the more masculine and elegant looks are revealed, giving off a rich and positive energy source. 
3 cocktails prepared separately for the gentleman: Passion - Behavior - Style
In the story of modern gentlemen, talented bartender boys also perform creative, creative drinks. In the spirit of suggesting these qualities, they in turn concocted three special drinks for the night.
Passion  - the main ingredient is Coffee, the aroma of abundant energy, burning passion. The man who is passionate about work is indispensable for coffee, helping them to increase creativity and alertness.
Behavior  - the main material is Tra, the symbol of high, deep and quiet. The person who knows how to reward tea must be a person who is worthy of the tea, sips tea and admires his mistress, smelling the fragrance of tea soaked in the worldly position.
Style  - Shiitake material, a premium mushroom of Japanese origin, grown in deep, expensive forests cut into pieces; Combining with Marshmallow creates a flavor that is both classy and sweet.
Passion & Style corner inspires elegance for modern men
With the theme of elegant party night, the two corners of Passion & Style display are subtly arranged through each set of clothes, accessories from luxury to personality, seemingly having an existing gentleman alive. dynamic behind each space. The guests not only stopped taking pictures but also inspirationally, suggesting elegant and modern styles.
Romano Gentleman Night event - a place where elegant standards are explored - 3
Romano Gentleman Night - the place where the elegant standard was discovered - 4
The guests also enjoyed the performance of Ali Hoang Duong's sweet voice, a unique combination of violin and EDM sound in the impressive performance of Christmas English artist. The event became even more exciting when two beautiful female guests Tu Hao and Fung La enthusiastically participated in interactive games and female representatives shared their views on the elegant standards of modern men.
Finally, the awarding section has been waiting for a lot of audiences for the boys who have won the challenge. Awakening the elegant standard that took place on Fanpage Romano - a Certificate Romano Gentleman and a voucher for a suit from the class Sir Taylor is worth 5,000,000 each.
The Romano Gentleman Night event closed the #RomanoGentleman campaign with many emotions, settling many values ​​for each boy to bring his own stories, but above all, the message "I call myself a man. They call me an elegant man ” - men call themselves their gentleness, which manifests through living values.