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Khanh Linh "Go home, son" revealed a great way to keep beauty at 37 years old

Cập nhật: 16 thg 8, 2019 lúc tháng 8 16, 2019

Only in the sub-character line of the hit movie "Go home to your child", but after the treatment of "cottage" over 2 minutes full of gloating, Linh "shadow" (played by actor Phung Khanh Linh) causing a strong impression on television viewers. Not only did he score the full score with the natural performance, Khanh Linh's honesty also made her admire her young and beautiful beauty even though she nearly reached the threshold of 40.

Khanh Linh "Go home, son" revealed the great way to keep beauty at age 37 - 1
Actor Phung Khanh Linh caught the attention after the movie "Go home, son"
Ever miserable because of the skin full of dark pigmentation due to age
Phung Khanh Linh is a familiar face of Vietnam Drama Theater. Before "Going home," Khanh Linh also participated in many other popular TV dramas. Although she only plays the sub-character line but in each role, she shows the character completely and creates her own imprints.
After working hours on the set and the stage, the actress returned to be a wife and mother to be sure. Few people know that she inherited from comedic roles in the Weekend. The natural way, graceful and energetic energy that she brought on stage helped the actress become more and more prominent in the northern theater village. 
Khanh Linh "Go home, son" revealed the great way to keep beauty at 37 - 2 years old
It is not easy to round the role and take care of the family
But to fulfill the role well and have to take care of the whole family is not easy: "When Linh always wants to burn out with the role, there is a time when everything is not as good as me. desire. Perhaps due to changes in age and additional pressure from work, Linh often lacks sleep, feeling frustrated, easily irritated with people around. Worse, Linh began to notice signs of aging on his face, first the wrinkles around the corners of his eyes, then the spots on his cheeks, his skin was so dull with color, just because of his face. Inferiority that a round of Linh dared not accept more roles always. Knowing that I can't avoid age, but they come so early that Linh really worries ” - Khanh Linh confided.  
As a person who listens and understands her body, she knows that she needs to change if she wants to continue to contribute to art. Because she knows beauty like the "fishing rod" of an actor, if she does not take care, is not beautiful enough, no one dares to hire and even herself cannot be confident enough to stand in public. 
Khanh Linh "Go home, son" revealed the great way to keep beauty at 37 - 3 years old
The age of work pressure makes her fall quickly
“Linh goes online to learn and try to try all kinds of measures to improve her skin such as using high-end cosmetics, changing more scientific diets, exercising to relax her mood. .. but all are not very effective, even the more visible spots make me very confused and desperate. ”  - she sadly recounted. 
"Declare war" with melasma, the 37-year-old actress regained confidence after only a few weeks
Struggling to find a way to improve the skin, Linh decided to go to the doctor for help. After the general examination, she knew that she was in a state of hormonal depletion after age 30, so her new skin quickly decayed, causing burnt spots on her face, accompanied by work pressure, so that she was burned and hard to sleep like that.  "Doctor advised Linh to adjust his daily routine, rest and practice moderation, in addition to missing something, supplement that, instructing Linh to carefully add hormones directly from the capsules. Flagold soybeans ".
Khanh Linh "Go home, son" revealed the great way to keep beauty at age 37 - 4
Flagold soy sprouts help women balance hormonal balance
Carefully, the actress went online to find out about the product information. It is known that this product produced by advanced nanotechnology helps to condense precious essences in bean sprouts so it will bring better and faster performance. Flagold has also been certified by the Ministry of Health as safe and long-term administration will not cause side effects or dependence. Thanks to that, she was more reassured to use. 
Talking about Flagold's effectiveness, Ms. Linh happily said: "Just drinking the first bottle of your endocrine pigmentation spots keeps fading, the body is more flexible and strong. Being optimistic, Linh persevered and used up all 5-box therapy and it was amazingly dark and dark, the skin was pink and smooth. The time for going out, or going to the Spirit, doesn't need to take a few hours to cover the burnt anymore. Hair is also smoother. In particular, there are no more unpleasant hot flushes. ” 
Khanh Linh "Go home, son" revealed the great way to keep beauty at age 37 - 5
Flagold helped her quickly regain her shiny skin every day 
“The age is scary but it will be easier if we find a way to balance them, thanks to Flagold soy sprouts that Linh has regained every day and can continue to fulfill his passion. And with what Linh has experienced, Flagold is what every sister after 30 needs to have, ” said actor Phung Khanh Linh.