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Binh is determined to embark on a new path?

Cập nhật: 24 thg 8, 2019 lúc tháng 8 24, 2019

Suddenly present at the launching ceremony of a real estate consulting firm developing projects in Phu Quoc, Quy Binh raised a suspicion that he was testing himself in a new field: becoming an entrepreneur, investor.

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Starting point is an actor, a gentle and handsome face, with inner strength and well-trained; Quy Binh is assigned to the roles of being injured, suffering and taking tears from the audience. The more deeply involved in the artistic path, Quy Binh has continuously achieved success in many fields such as singer, MC ... and became a versatile artist. Being in the "ripe" age of career and living experiences, Binh is highly appreciated for his talent and has a stable career. However, it seems that this "marshal" has not stopped when he started intending to participate in real estate investment.
In fact, in any role, whether it is an actor, a singer or an MC, Quy Binh still deeply imprints and captures the love of the audience. He is one of the rare artists of Vietnamese showbiz who is determined to "keep himself", focusing on building up his image and career with a serious art work process. Therefore, if Quy Binh develops a new field of activity, the audience will also be confident that it is not an outing or a temporary improvisation.

Attending the event, besides Quyen, there was also actor Thanh Thuc, his close friend in acting and real life. Both expressed close friendships with the female CEO of Golden Island Company - the leading real estate developer and developer at Ngoc Phu Quoc Island has made a buzz in recent years by a series of great projects. scale and location. In particular, there is an open sale project that resonates on the market now that the Royal Streamy Villas luxury resort has completed infrastructure construction, preparing to hand over to build synchronously. This is a project that is hunted by domestic and foreign investors because of the position of the two states of the whole period: "Painting the waterbending and the near-sighted, near-sighted, near-sighted, near-sighted", directly connected to the center of Duong Dong Mr. Lang's airport and beach are only 5 minutes away, legal pink book - permanent ownership,

Recently, information leaks Binh is dating a businessman in real estate. Binh's silence has led many underground people to identify his "shadow" as "the person". However, the appearance of both Quy Binh and Thanh Thuc next to this businesswoman once again confuses many people, it is impossible to confirm which power woman is really behind him.

However, what people can affirm is that Binh Binh is having a "transition" to the image, probably in the near future will become an entrepreneur. With a person who is considered "wise" like him, such good investment projects will be difficult to get out of sight, because resort real estate is currently the "hottest" segment. Also coincidentally, in recent times, Quy Binh also regularly visited Phu Quoc and had many beautiful photos at Ngoc Island.  Was he prepared carefully and seriously for becoming an entrepreneur, besides successes in many roles like Actor - MC - Singer?